From Cherubs to Angels


Hello there, first of all let us introduce ourselves to you, I am Tanya and my husband is Darren, this is our journey and story on why we decided to do the website “From Cherubs To Angels”.

Our story starts nearly 16 years ago which is when fate brought us together and we are now soul mates very much in love. We both remember the day we found out that we were pregnant, ( I say we because the pregnancy affects both people not just the woman, and my husband loves the fact that pregnancy for him is very magical and beautiful, he always wants to help in any small way he can, from a shoulder/neck massage to painting my toe nails when my bump got bigger).

This was our first pregnancy and we were very excited like you can imaging. Everything seamed to be going fine and we was looking forward to seeing the baby at our first scan. We booked our scan and waited impatiently for the day to arrive. When the day finally arrived we had so many emotions going through our systems. Joy, anticipation, excitement and of course love, the list was endless.

We got to the hospital and my husband and I went into the room where we were having the scan. The scan started and we both were sitting there waiting to see our first little cherub that we had created together, but that was when our life’s changed forever. The midwife who was doing the scan suddenly stopped the ultrasound and said ” I won’t be a minute” that was one of the longest minute of our life’s. When the midwife returned she wasn’t alone she had two other colleges with her.

After about what seemed a lifetime had passed the midwife told us that the baby’s heart was not beating and we had lost our baby. Our hearts were ripped apart that day and we felt like this for weeks. We felt so alone and couldn’t understand what had gone wrong. We thought our hearts would never heal.

Nearly a year went by and I fell pregnant again. We was worried about what had happened during our first pregnancy, but our doctor told us that the same thing happening twice in a row was not a regular occurrence. But unfortunately the same events occurred again.

My husband and I have lost 19 pregnancies in total now and out of those 20 pregnancies we have had 18 miscarriages including 2 sets of twins and we lost 1 set of stillborn twins and 1 set of stillborn triplets. In total my husband and I have lost 23 babies.

There was no one to help or support us during these times of loss and heartbreak. And there still is not enough help out there. This is why we decided to set up From Cherubs To Angels. We wanted to give anyone who was or still is suffering the loss of a child somewhere they could come to get help, support and guidance in there time of need

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