N.H.A.P is a group of Knitters, Hookers (the crocheting kind), Machinists and Crafters who are wanting to make a difference, and you can be a part of that too!

We are a none profit making organisation and everything we do is done because we care, we do not sell we donate.
We are a group of people who knit and crochet angel and preemie items to be donated to hospitals and families of angel and preemie babies.


We also support various childrens hospitals, children and adults with cancer ,the homeless, dementia patients, the autistic, children and adults with brain injuries.

We started off by firstly donating knitted items to the RVI but shortly after creating the group thanks to our members and all those who have helped us we have branched bigger than we thought we ever would and we hope to continue to do so.


The group was formed to help out Angel and Preemie Babies it has been going a year now and has gone from strength to strength and has extended its reach to older babies and teens, children and adults with cancer and brain injuries, the homeless and the elderly with dementia,

In the 12 months we have been running we have gone from 2 members to nearly 3900 members,
we have 49 ladies who are not in the group as they dont use facebook,we have children’s after school clubs who knit for us,
we have knit and natter groups who make for us,we have 22 ladies and gentlemen in residential care homes who make for us.(this is roughly at least 300 outside members)
we started with one hospital now we help 160 Hospitals (SCBU, NICU, CHILDRENS ) here a quick list of what we have achieved.



• 420 Boxes to Hospitals totaling 36000 items sent out
• 63 Angel Packs totaling
• 720 items
• 35 Memory Packs totaling 260 items
• 72 Going Home Packs totaling 1484 items
• 150 Preemie Care Packs totaling 3060 items
• 7 Boxes Extreme SOS totaling 302 items
• 469 Twiddle Muffs
• 16 Boxes and 11 Sacks for the homeless totaling 840 items
• 11 Boxes and 8 Sacks of childrens items totaling 4300 items
• 399 items as Christmas Presents last year

• Social Services Special Case Babies and Young Children totaling 343 items sent out
• 1500 items sent out of fish n chip shop items for abroad
• We did a Boobathon for Newcastle Breast Feeding Team totaling 300 boobs sent
• The 100 project totaling 450 plushi sent
• Woman’s refuges totaling 1003 items sent out
• Wool Parcel sent to lady to knit for syria (wool we could not use for the group)
• 700 used stamps sent to St. Elizabeths Hospice
• Wool sent for geese jumpers
• 100 items sent to the missing angel group.


We have also helped

• 6 Homeless Charities
• Knit For Nowt
• St. Elizabeths Hospice
• 4 Woman’s Refuges
• Social Services Special Babies
• Salvation Army
• The 100 Project
• Eden Park
• 12 Care Homes
• Newcastle Breast Feeding Group

This is amazing, outstanding and never in the world would we have ever imagined it possible.
We have potentially helped and reached OVER 70,000 people if not more and we have helped keep a flock of 12 geese warm and comfy in there hissy beds. We have helped the wool industry a lot
we have also helped keep people in there jobs, the postal workers, the couriers, the paper companies, box companies and the button, ribbon and lace manufacturers.


We have also helped the farmers and there sheep because without them we would not of been able to do what we do. We have all made some amazing friends along the way by doing something we all love to do. We have helped the hospice raise funds by sending them our used stamps and we have brightened the days of so many people all by doing what we love to do. We have also had wonderful help from the Sun Newspaper and the group has been in the newspaper and on TV.


  1. Stephanie Roberts

    This is a wonderful group and I am proud to be part of the N.H.A.P family x

  2. Mrs Christine Tait

    How can I join one of your groups? I live in Gateshead.

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