Why Our Members Joined Us

Ann Davies

I first saw posts from NHAP about 2 years ago.
As I love knitting & crochet it immediately caught my eye.
Then as I read more and more about what NHAP does, I realised that this was a group that I could get involved with and soon became a member of this wonderful family/group.
This group means to me;
1. I can to use my knitting & crochet skills for help clothe these little babies with all the love I can give,
2. to feel like I’m doing something to help other parents/grandparents, in coming to terms with tiny bereavements or premature babies,
3. we don’t just stop at babies, as we also help the homeless, dementia patients, those in need and anyone that needs us.
4. to talk to other like minded people who know the feeling of loss. I lost a sister, when she was 18 months old (I was 12) and I lost 3 grandchildren (miscarriages at 12-14 weeks), and
5. most importantly of all, as a widow of 8 years, having people I can talk to and interact with, has kept me sane (although some will disagree, and say that I’ve never been sane?!?!) especially in some of my loneliest hours.

I feel like NHAP has become my extra family. We all support, encourage and help one another. We’re there for each when we’re unwell or have family troubles and that can sometimes be at any hour of the day or night. There is always someone to chat to.
Come and join us

Kerri Taylor

I’m housebound with ill health and knit and crochet as a hobby as well as therapy, my sister encouraged me to make things for preemies as my niece was born to early and needed a lot of care. A friend from a knitting group introduced me to N.H.A.P and I’m so glad she did everyday I’m amazed at the work and commitment the team do and I’m proud to be a member and to help by donating the things I make or by buying raffle tickets to try raise the much needed funds they need. the whole group is so friendly and welcoming and they have become my friends and has given me a purpose in life again.

Susan Scott

I am now one of the Admin team for NHAP. I joined 2 and a half years ago. My hobby has always been knitting and when I saw beas article in the paper I knew I had to join and help and I’m so pleased and proud to be a member

Catherine Stickley

I have an illness that means I can’t go back to work, of which I loved.
So I took up decoupage and other crafts and of course my sewing, something I’ve done for years and I do lv to to relax by sewing something
I was talking to a friend about her craft work and she mentioned she made angel gowns along side her craft work.
I asked her to explain what this was and I thought oh my days that’s such a wonderful selfless thing to do and a privilege to make something that that the parents won’t have to worry about.
So I asked to join N.H.A.P, made my first gown that was accepted and here I am ready and raring to go.
I couldn’t be prouder to say I am a member of such an amazing group and all the amazing people who are part of the group

Janice Walker

I have not long been a member, but being a full time carer for my husband, being part of the group has given me, a purpose of that I feel useful in helping the group. it helps, giving me something to occupy myself so as I feel I am contributing to such a worthy cause. the idea of transforming beautiful donated gowns, into tiny special gowns, for those that need them. sewing was and is one of my hobbies that can do. whilst caring for hubby. this group is so friendly and helpful, it feels like I am part of a large family, daily chat room always some one to lend an ear, and help.

Noreen Care

I found NHAP while browsing Facebook, at the time I was feeling pretty low. Although I loved making quilts and knitting etc. I had not done any for over two years after suffering a stroke. Having lost 2 babies myself something shouted out to me and I joined the group. It gave me a reason to be, improved my wellbeing and gave me a sense of purpose knowing that it was helping others who were going through a difficult time. I have been a member for nearly two years now and have made good friends with others and love how the members of the group support each other when times get difficult.

Sue Cass

I love the fact that l can make pretty much what l like , with no time pressure and know that it will be sent where its needed !

I used to knit for my local hospital but was disappointed to find that they often sold items, something that never happens with NHAP !

Linda Brookes

Hi Darren,
I joined NHAP in August 2015, at the time I was a full time carer for my friend who had Altzimhers and I used my sore time knitting and crocheting, but had no where to send the things I made. I saw this group advertised on facebook and joined. Not only does it give me an outlet for the things I make and these in turn help other families, but it is like an extended family for its members.

The group has been there for me through the bad times I have had over the past 2 years – the lost of my son in law to cancer and the death of my friend.

You could not ask for a better group to belong too. It doesn’t matter who makes contact with Bea or what help they need she will provide even when it means putting out an urgent message to the group.

Linda Brookes

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